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Be Part Of Our Team Final

Be Part Of Our Team Final



The last few months have been very complicated to say the least. The health crisis we are in and its numerous challenges that it has placed on our society. But with every adversity comes a ray of hope.  A hope for a new dawn. A hope for a sustainable future ahead. At Ramiro Community Hospital we are always looking for passionate individuals who embody that hope and that enthusiasm to serve in this healthcare ministry.

We encourage young, active professionals seeking to get out of their shells and try something noble and exciting. Healthcare. we are not only in the service of people seeking aid for their illnesses. We are in the business of making concerned decisions to a healthy lifestyle.  A multi-dimensional shift in physical, mental, and spiritual thinking that promotes an overall good and balanced sense of wellbeing.


These are the open positions we have available at RCH.
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     Resident Physicians

     One (1) Medical Director’s Assistant

    One is methodical, with a good eye for detail, well organized, with an orderly mind, deals promptly with correspondence, and be able to take accurate notes of meetings. A graduate of any medical course is a plus.



    Registered Nurses

    Caring and compassionate. Has the ability to deal with emotionally charged and pressured situations. An RN renders professional nursing care to patients within an assigned unit of a hospital, in support of medical care as directed by medical staff.


    One (1) Pharmacist

    They specialize in dealing with the composition, effects, mechanism of action, and proper and effective use of drugs. 


    Three (3) Respiratory Therapists

    Trained in critical care and cardio-pulmonary medicine in order to work therapeutically    with people suffering from acute critical conditions 


    Two (2) Respiratory Technicians

    Respiratory technicians are biomedical technicians with a focus in any and all things related to cardiopulmonary health.




    One (1) Purchasing Assistant

    They have excellent attention to detail as well as the ability to maintain and update paper and computerized purchasing records. While most of this role’s duties tend to be administrative and support purchasing managers, and computer skills. A degree holder in Marketing or Business Administration fresh graduates are preferred.

    Managerial Positions (1)

    Marketing Manager creates strategies that help our company meets its sales objectives. He/she conducts research, evaluates product demand, establishes pricing strategies, identifies a target client, and determines the best way to reach that client. He/she may also participate in develop advertising campaigns and choose media outlets, such as television, radio, Internet, newspapers to promote the company’s services. The marketing manager also builds brand awareness through e-mail campaigns, newsletters, contests.

    Career Requirements

    Degree Level Bachelor’s degree (master’s is an edge)
    Degree Field(s) Marketing or business administration
    Experience Industry experience required, brand and product management
    Key Skills Strong communication, sales, presentation, management, and leadership skills; goal-oriented, flexible, and creative under pressure; knowledge of current marketing trends and multimedia platforms; strong budgeting, Internet, and computer skills

Please address your application letters to:

Mr. Jone Siegfred L. Sepe
President & CEO
Ramiro Community Hospital
0139 Gallares St., Tagbilaran City 6300
Bohol, Philippines

and send to hr@ramiromedical.ph


We know that there might be some risk involved in having to physically bring over your requirements during this global health crisis, we strongly recommend that you email all your requirements to us. However, if you wish to send us physical copies of your application letter, and resumé, you may hand-deliver these items to

4th floor, Ramiro Community Hospital.
0139 Gallares St., Tagbilaran City 6300
Bohol, Philippines

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